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Our Cabinet Finishing or Refinishing Process is better than your Nanook local painters! ( Read Why)

Our process is superior to that you'll receive from your local Nanook run of the mill painter. Not only do we have the expertise in industrial cabinet refinishing systems and paint formulations, we also have all the professional tools necessary to deliver to you a superior finish. A Finish that is designed and formulated to last the lifetime of your cabinets. A finish that is chemically , fade, and chip resistant.

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Cabinet Painting or Refinishing Process by Nanook Painters

Before we dive into our process vs what you'll typically receive by lesser quality painting companies in Nanook, allow me to explain in detail the general painting process. Depending on the type of cabinetry and overall layout the vast majority of Nanook painters employ the old painting processes that is decades old. This is a problem because, in our opinion the standard household paint used today is not as good as those of the past. Several years ago a typical process would have been to first start off by taken the cabinet doors down and removing the hardware prior to painting. Once everything not to be painted is masked off, the cabinets are wiped down with a Trisodium Phosphate (TSP) solution. For those that do not know how exactly these solution works, it simple has phosphate groups that neutralize the ionic bonds holding the dirt, grease etc to the surface. Also, in the past utilization of this product has led to adhesion problems if any residue was left behind.

Once clean, the kitchen or cabinet doors would be lightly scuff sanded with 120 grit sand paper, essentially ruffing up the surface so the the paint had something to bite into. During this time frame, many painters used a product refereed to as Kilz interior alkyd primer, meaning an oil based primer. We had tried this primer in the past and were met with failures long before Kilz offered an exterior version or the several readily available primers in Nanook.

When it comes to Alkyd stain killing primers, specifically designed and formulated to block or seal the tannins of the wood we utilize Zinsser Coverstain Alkyd Primer. Years ago we would have applied two coats of this primer with a sanguining in-between, followed by two coats of Benjamin Moore's Satin Impervo in an oil based formulation. We had also used Devoe's 6300 Oil Based finishes for the higher content of Titanium Dioxide, the whitening agent. Either way we were using oil base finishes because of its durability and ability to lay down, minimizing brush marks, resulting in the smoothest finish process. Below is a photo of a clients cabinets that were painted black by another company. The bush marks are clearly present.

painting kithen cabinets

With the standard paints and materials on the market today, many painters apply a top coat of Min-wax Clear coat in a water based formulation in an effort to make the surface a little bit harder and try to provide better durability. This simply doesn't even compare to what we offer in professional cabinet Refinishing and Painting.

It's Why Nanook Cabinet Makers Don't Use Them

Since the regulatory agencies and EPA are constantly passing new regulations on the Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC's) content allowed, paint manufactures are constantly trying to find and develop new products. These has led to low oder and softer finishes. A softer finish that peels, chips, scrapes and washes away with ease when using a common household cleaning agent such as Formula 409.

You definitely don't want to uses this process in your kitchen where you will undoubtedly have grease and other residual cooking residues on your Nanook cabinets. The moment you take a cleaner and rag to them for cleaning, they will be ruined.


Painting Vs . Professionally Refinishing Cabinets in Nanook

Since we can not assume what may have or have not been applied to your cabinets in the past, we simply eliminate risk for potential problems by throughly removing all existing finishes. Through a variety of methods, we meticulously sand and remove the old paint, stain or clear coats, often in a multi step process. Where other companies skip this level of detail, we make it a priority. Only by completing this highly time consuming task which translates in to higher cost can you achieve a superior finish, accenting the look and feel of beautiful wood cabinetry.


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Painted Cabinets Nanook

Our Painting Process


We can take your old painted or stained cabinets and repaint them for a fresh updated look.


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Stained Cabinets Nanook

Our Staining Process

Stained wood cabinets add warmth and a beautiful touch to any Nanook kitchen.

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Glazed Cabinets

Our Glazing Process

Glazed cabinets add depth and detail to cabinets.


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